Why do I need a Financial Coach?

You can benefit from a Financial Coach if any of the following applies to you:
- You are paying all your bills but just can’t seem to get ahead.
- You don’t have a financial plan and aren’t sure how to put one together.
- Your family relationships are being affected by your financial situation.
- You can’t keep up with your financial commitments and creditors/collectors are constantly calling.
- You want “Debt” out of your life.

How do I pay for coaching when I can’t pay my bills?

When you are struggling financially it is difficult to rationalize spending money to learn how to handle money properly. But what are some of the alternatives? You could do nothing and find yourself deeper and deeper in debt. Declaring bankruptcy will cost you thousands of dollars and debt consolidation just moves the debt from one creditor to another. On other hand, the fee for coaching will pay for itself in a short time.

Should I consider bankruptcy?

Declaring bankruptcy is a serious decision that has lifelong negative consequences. Many people believe that bankruptcy is a “quick-fix” for their financial problems, but nothing could be further from the truth. We have never recommended it to any of our clients.

What if my spouse will not come?

It is our policy that we will only coach both spouses. Getting your financial house in order is a team effort and requires the involvement of both spouses.

Wouldn’t debt consolidation just be easier?

Getting out of debt is not easy. It requires hard work and sacrifice. Debt consolidation can be dangerous because you are only treating the symptom (debt) and not the problem (spending habits). All you will have done is move the debt from several creditors to one and extended the length of time required to pay the debt off.

How can I make an appointment now?

To schedule an appointment with Rowe Financial Coaching LLC, fill out this form and we will call you back to schedule a 30-minute no charge consultation. You can also e-mail us or call at 302-593-8429.

Will my personal finances be kept confidential?

Absolutely! This is our confidentiality policy: We will keep completely confidential all matters discussed, facts revealed and the nature and content of all documents you have provided to us or that we generate. We will reveal such matters only upon receipt of a written authorization and clear, verifiable instructions from you telling us exactly what we may reveal.