"As a twenty-something with my first job and really starting out life on my own, I felt trapped and as though I would have to put off traveling, hobbies, and even marriage to pay back everything in a timely manner before I could be free to live. Don was INCREDIBLY patient with me. Best of all, we came up with a concrete plan for how to approach paying off my loans and managing my money. Surprisingly, I've learned from Don that financial freedom is not about having a lot of money to spend; it is about using what you have to go the distance. I'm now a twenty-something with some exciting goals, which include paying off my loans before my hairs turn grey."

S. A. of Philadelphia, PA.

"We were squeezing every penny to pay the bills and necessities each month. We were at the end of our rope, not knowing where to turn. Don met with us, looked at our finances and worked together with us to make a step-by-step plan to help us find peace in our finances. We are finding peace as we follow our plan and communicate with a guide we can trust."

K. D. of Wilmington, DE

Before I saw Don I was in great despair over my finances. He did not show me a quick fix nor did he promise me an "easy" way out, but a common sense approach to planning a budget, saving and paying down my bills. It hasn't been easy, but because of Don's work I have become a much more responsible person.

J. H. of Wilmington, DE